Here’s another great review from a new Journey™ OVERHEAD® convert!   Tony took his collapsible travel guitar on a Bahamas trip and here’s what he had to tell us about it!

“I recently purchased a Journey OF410. Shortly thereafter I took a trip to the Bahamas, and here are my thoughts on the product, and its intended purpose. First of all, fit & finish are excellent. It is a quality product. It leaves you with a good feeling about the people who designed it and the craftsmen who made it. Second of all, I really like the tone of this guitar. The unique shape of the body combined with the Manzer wedge create a great sound. I find it pleasantly acoustic–plenty of highs, plenty of lows, crispy resonance, and powerful volume. Strumming, flatpicking, fingerstyle, and even slide all work well. At first you think, ‘not bad for a small body,’ then after awhile you think, ‘this is great for any body.’ This is a guitar I will be playing even when I’m not traveling.
The neck mechanism works very well and is easy to learn. I am impressed everyt ime I put it together. It disassembles just as easy, and fits nicely in the bag. The bag is a piece of engineering in and of itself. It is like icing on a cake. It is great for traveling, fit in every overhead bin I faced (from jets to jumpers), and provides plenty of protection for the guitar.
Finally, James and Rob are great to work with and they make you feel like a part of the company. It is an inspirational ownership experience. Guitar players are a quirky lot, and you never know how one is going to react to a new product, but these guys at J.O.G. have their act together. They identified an area of critical need, did their homework, and delivered a quality product to the marketplace. Journey Instruments has made me a very happy flying guitar player.”