We’re getting tons of great responses from new fans of the Overhead™ OF660 collapsible carbon fiber travel guitar – and here’s a recent one from Stan Davis.

“I have had my OF660 for about three months now, and wanted to write you with a detailed review from the field.

Travel: the travel case has fit in the overhead compartment of every commercial airplane I have taken it on. The case is and travel design are a total success as far as I am concerned. I have found that wearing the guitar case on my back with the shoulder straps stops any questions about taking it on the plane- and after a discussion about gate checking on one airline I glued two “Fragile- handle with care” patches to the case to make my point that the case should not be gate checked even if overhead space is scarce.

Assembly from the travel case: works without a hitch. One time a bridge pin popped out when I snapped the neck in and now I keep a hand on the bridge pins when assembling. If you provided a spare bridge pin or two it could prevent a disaster if a pin popped out and was lost…..

Gig bag- i got the gig bag and love it- cushioning, fit, room for accessories- brilliant!

Playing- the intonation is perfect. The neck is a dream. The sound is astonishing- warm and clear and wonderful. This has become my main instrument- something I did not expect to happen. It helps that I can hang it on the wall and just grab it, but in addition this guitar IS A JOY TO PLAY! Wow.”

  • Stan Davis